Corey Mack
Head of School

Corey was born and raised in Connecticut where he attended college in-state. After completing a B.A. in history from the University of Connecticut, he went on to earn an M.S. in education from the University of Bridgeport. Corey has had a love for history since childhood and later developed an interest in teaching while in high school. Corey has more than ten years of experience working in the field of education. His diverse experience includes working with an outdoor education outfitter and three years teaching in the Westport Public School System. Corey has also turned a strong passion for fitness into a profession by becoming a certified CrossFit and U.S. Olympic weightlifting coach in Greenwich, Connecticut.


Our Teachers

Links Academy teachers are area experts with extensive knowledge in the subjects they are teaching and are highly supportive of their students' needs. Each teacher has a passion for their content area and inspire students in the classroom through hand's on, interactive and student-centered learning.  Teaching in a 1:1 classroom allows our teachers to build strong relationships with their students so that they can focus on their unique learning style to engage them in the learning process.  The job of our teachers is to draw students into their learning environment so they can be successful in the classroom and feel good about the work they are doing intellectually and personally.

George Herson

In teaching, I always seek student interests to find projects that match the subject.  (Computer game development often results.)

Before working for GEG, I've taught information technology and computer science for University of California at Irvine, Accelerated Computer Education (ACE), ESM Solutions, Global Knowledge, and Fast Lane.  

I'm enrolled in Georgia Institute of Technology's Online Masters in Computer Science with major concentration Interactive Intelligence.

Greyhound rescue is a hobby and my research interests are Programming by Example and Natural Language Understanding.


Brennan Kelly

Brennan Kelly is a teacher of multiple subjects with a background in business and government. He has a passion for learning and communicating complex ideas to children and adults. At Links, he teaches mathematics, science, economics, and literature. Brennan spent over a decade in Washington, D.C. where he worked with leading economists on public policy issues at the Brookings Institution, co-authoring papers on tax policy. He later worked at two consulting firms, providing economic analysis and advisory services to both business and government. He enjoys traveling and reading history in his spare time. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Williams College in Political Economy.  

Robert Kelly

After obtaining a B.S. in chemistry at the University of New Haven, Robert went on to study thermodynamics, statistical physics, and energy efficient process design at the University of Rhode Island. Robert has extensive experience in education as a tutor, lecturer, and laboratory instructor. Having interacted with hundreds of students, he strongly believes in the tailoring of education to the needs of the student and on the importance of verbal learning. Robert’s other interests include finance, cosmology, nutrition, exercise science, and psychology.

Carol Levison

I have been teaching for 17 years,  My undergraduate degree from Southern CT State University is a BS in political science with certification. I minored in history as well. I was on track for law school but student teaching changed my mind!

After teaching in San Francisco public schools for 10 years, I received my Masters in History, with a focus on Early America, and Civil Rights. I have primarily taught US and World History throughout my career. I also work at an historical society, giving tours for school groups and the general public on the colonial era and American Impressionism during the Gilded Age.  

My love of history, art, politics, theatre, music and really any topic, has made me a life long learner. Links Academy has allowed me to expand as a teacher and so have my students!

I truly do enjoy learning and thankfully, I do everyday. I hope I pass that onto my students.