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Most students come to Links Academy in order to earn necessary credits by finishing coursework from another school. This is ideal for students who are transitioning from one school to another, are on medical leave, or are experiencing school anxiety. Links Academy can create a program tailored to meet each student’s individual needs.

Links Academy accepts students 365 days a year. A new program can be set up in a matter of days. Due to our 1:1 class model, Links Academy offers flexible scheduling in order to accommodate students’ appointments, extracurricular activities and sports, or work schedules.

No, students who are on a temporary leave of absence will work on coursework in order to provide a seamless transition back to their school. Links Academy partners with each student’s current school to design an appropriate curriculum and school program.

Links Academy is a NEASC accredited school where students earn grades, credits, and a transcript for their coursework. Classes are taught by teachers who are subject area specialists and follow a rigorous curriculum. Throughout each course, students complete hands-on projects, labs, and assessments that are relevant to the curriculum, as well as to students’ individual interests. Classes are offered at levels ranging from remedial to AP.

Many Links Academy students move on to competitive private and boarding schools as well as to a variety of colleges and universities.