Founded in 2007, Links Academy is an adaptable, interactive, and supportive school community where students in Grades 6–12 rediscover their love of learning in an environment that fosters empowerment and self-advocacy. Links cultivates rewarding educational experiences through extremely individualized instruction delivered in one-to-one and small-group settings. The foundation of our success is our philosophy that the style of instruction should fit each child's particular learning style. Our students develop an understanding of how to learn with their learning differences, and leave with the ability to identify (and the confidence to secure) the resources they need to be successful.

Links offers short- or long-term open enrollment and flexible scheduling, including options for year-round instruction. This versatility enables Links to provide students who need to catch up on work, or those wishing to accelerate their learning, with the opportunity to do so efficiently. Similarly, students who require differentiated instruction or modifications to traditional settings and schedules are able to create frameworks that allow them to thrive.

Our students are asked to help shape their Links experience by detailing their interests, their academic and career goals, and their learning styles. Collaboration between a student, his or her parents, and Links administrators and teachers is essential to crafting an effective and fulfilling individualized instructional plan. In addition to a staff of dedicated education professionals, students also benefit from an array of in-house resources. Among the most popular of our support tools is our “Boost Fridays” program, which features AP, ACT, and SAT test prep sessions; college counseling; executive functioning support, and more.

Links is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Our mastery-based learning curriculum mirrors the content-area standards taught in traditional schools, and is carefully designed to mesh with that of a student's prior school, as well as their target school. Additionally, our coursework is approved by the NCAA; credits earned at Links meet the requirements of Division I, II, or III colleges.

At Links, we recognize the importance of a vibrant social component in a child's education. While instruction often takes place in a one-to-one setting, students gather together at lunchtime, for field trips and other special activities, and as part of our robust electives program. Our dynamic and engaging community is a welcome sanctuary to students, whether they are with us for a short-term stint or for a longer matriculation.


Links Academy is committed to creating an outstanding 1:1 school experience in a nurturing, empowering and collaborative community that honors the academic diversity of all learners.

We strive to foster relationships and challenge all students to create a successful and meaningful academic opportunity, while building a confident and sound foundation that will enable them to navigate their future endeavors.

Our Core Values: